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Kangasniemi is situated in Etelä Savo, in the middle of the beautiful lake district of south east Finland

Kangasniemi is one of Finland's most beautiful counties with vast forests, lakes and hills. The Lake District of Finland is the largest of its kind in Europe. Hiking, boating and fishing are among the multitude of activities that can be enjoyed during a stay in Kangasniemi. Secluded cottages can be rented. In the summer there is the Kangasniemi music festival and once every two years Finland's famous sex festival is organized within the boundaries of Kangasniemi. Various nature trails and public walking routes offer hikers many hours of healthy enjoyment. Recently a fourteen hole golf course has been created very near to the town center.

This site will offer many links to cottage rental locations situated near lakes, in the vast forests and near the town center, fishing gear shops, boat rental, restaurants and many other facilities which tourists are looking for.

for your lunch Lounas ja Leipä at Aili's place

ski Finland at Häkärinteet - skiing and snowboarding at Häkä

accommodation cottage at Penttilä Kartano

art sculpture park

music Kangasniemi Music Festival

Niemettäret women's Choir

eighteen hole golf course in Kangasniemi

the official Kangasniemi Municipality pages with information in English, German, Swedish and Finnish

Tying the links with with former Karelian Finland is the Harlu Oy Association - Harlu Seura Oy

truffles in Kangasniemi?

A tip for 2012

Video films about Kangasniemi:


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